Wizzy the Wizard is from a planet called Wizzle Gazzelles and his introduction to Fairyland was through Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, whom he met at a spell school.

Wizzy is an extremely flamboyant character who always provides great comic relief whenever he is in Fairyland.

Whenever Wizzy arrives by magic, he arrives somewhere strange (and very funny!). On top of the mushroom, in a patch of flowers, hanging upside down from the swing, and his standard line when he lands is “Oh Whizzaling Weeblies – I do need to practise my landings!”

Wizzy believes in his heart he is a very good spell maker and magician, however unfortunately his spells usually take a few hilarious tries before they deliver! He will often produce something a bit strange and cause his audience to giggle and laugh. Wizzy, although generally mystified at the spells not working, always takes his friends’ laughter in good humour and is capable of laughing at himself.

He does quite a bit of perplexed head-scratching, wondering where on earth he went wrong, however he always seems to get it right in the end – one way or another!

Whereas the other characters are quite “organic” in look – Wizzy is definitely a space age hero! The only character not from the garden, he is dressed in a silver “space-suit” topped with his flowing, elegant, glossy, purple velvet cape scattered with silver stars across his shoulders and lined with a rainbow mass of vibrant technicolour, that flows and swooshes in glorious ripples.

His long purple boots and his fabulous belt are adorned with the initials “WW” that is “Wizzy the Wizard”, and his purple, regal wizard’s hat looks truly magnificent.