Harmony is the purple fairy, and purple is her favourite colour.

The more practical fairy, Harmony often has to calm down her excitable best friend, Rhapsody. She is pretty, clever and very considerate of others, and has a very wise and a logical approach to solving the daily challenges in a fairy’s life. Harmony is the “ideas fairy”.

Harmony loves order in her life, in the Snuggery and in Fairyland. A clean space is important to her, but she knows you can make jobs more fun if you sing while you work.

She adores the three Tots in her care – Melody, Jingles and Treble, and takes great delight in giving them lessons, helping them with fun games and rewarding their efforts.

Harmony loves to sing and dance and it’s often through song that she will explain a situation, brighten the day, unfold a mystery or solve a puzzle.

She is graced with a dazzling smile, sparkling eyes, flowing, wavy blonde hair entwined with dainty, pretty flowers.

Her beautiful dress is made of a number of layers of purple, laden with sparkles and glitter. It twirls and swirls beautifully when she dances, with a sweet bodice and pretty capped sleeves. Harmony’s dress enables her magical dancing steps to be totally appreciated by the preschool audience.

Harmony’s silver and jewelled mask adds to her gorgeous ethereal, pretty look. Magnificently crafted by a designer jeweller, the fairies masks are delicate, feminine and very pretty, perfectly matching their sparkly silver wands.

Petite, hand-crafted purple fairy shoes, adorned with dainty flowers are perfect to dance in all day long, and their fluttering fairy wings complete an outfit that will delight and mesmerise children.