19th January
2pm Bunbury
South West Italian Club
20th January
11am Mandurah
Boardwalk Theatre, Mandurah PAC
21st January
10am Perth
Regal Theatre, Subiaco
22nd January
10am Karrinyup
Lady Wardle Theatre, St Mary’s College

The Fairies answer some of your questions about their fan-fairy-tastic show, Jump Jump Star!

Which songs feature in Jump Jump Star?   Fairy Hi, The Fairies, I’m BBB Barnaby, My Name is Wizzy the Wizard, A Real True Fairy, Jump Jump Star, Fairy 1-2-3, Magic Wizard Spell, Six Little Ducks, Fairy Ballet, “en Pointe” Ballet Medley, The Silly Song, Exercise, Dancing Fairy, Fairy Dancing Girl, Jump Jump Star (yes … again, for those who can’t get enough !) and Now We Have To Go.

Can the children join in?   Harmony, Rhapsody, Barnaby, Elf & Wizzy LOVE their audience to join in! Please learn the songs before the concert and sing along, join in with the dancing and call out if you see anything funny or strange on stage!

How long does the show go for?  The show runs for 60 minutes and we always try to start at 3 minutes past the hour.

Should my fairy fan dress up?  Oh yes, PLEASE dress up! We love fairies, elves, bees, wizards, princesses, super heroes! We want our audience to be dressed full of magic, fun, fantasy and sparkles … just like The Fairies concert!

Do I have to pay for my baby? Anyone under 18 months of age can come with you and sit on your lap at no charge.

Will you be touring over the whole of Australia? We will perform in as many places as we possibly can. It’s a big and beautiful country that we live in and hard getting to see everyone, but we’re certainly filling every school holiday with concerts. Just make sure you’re a member of our fan club and you’ll be the first to hear about new venues.

Are they the same cast as the TV show? The Fairies was created nearly 18 years ago, and in that time we have had lots of different people taking on the personalities of Harmony, Rhapsody, Barnaby, Elf and Wizzy. The first person who helped Harmony to become an adored fairy is now nearly 50 and much better behind the scenes than on stage! Rest assured, all of the humans who help The Fairies and their friends come to life are chosen because of their amazing and beautiful personalities, their skills and great love for entertaining children, and their adherence to the Five Fairy Friendship Rules. 

Do you have a question for The Fairies? Send it to us … and we’ll do our very best to answer it!